Clare is an excellent, very organised, tutor.

With a mixture of discipline, patience and good humour, she has encouraged me to develop my ability to communicate effectively in French.

The work that she sets is effectively tailored to address those areas that most need attention and her approach motivates me to make a real effort to continue to improve.

Highly recommended!

John Lapraik, 

Oundle, May 2020

We really enjoyed learning french with Clare, who tailored lessons to each of us.
The pace worked well, gently stretching our language skills over time. Clare is always willing to stop and explain in response to queries.  She helped us work on our accents and use of grammar.  Materials used were good and relevant to our day to day needs. We highly recommend Clare as a teacher of adults returning to french long after school.
Jim and Linda Symington. 

Holcot, April 2020

We have really loved working with Clare.  She was so easy to communicate with, from the initial contact looking for a French tutor, right through some transition in schedules and wrap up at the end.  She is very professional and organized.  She also put the children's instruction front and center and was very diligent about setting up a program that would work for Finn.  She followed along with our Canadian curriculum, complementing and adding to Finn's learning along the way.  Finn has definitely enjoyed spending time with Clare, and has learned so much!  A wonderful, enriching experience overall!  Thank you!

Tracy Cullen,

Oundle, December 2019

My time so far spent with Clare Learning French has been superb.

As a mature student I was sceptical about attempting to learn a new language, thinking that I could never understand.

Clare has displayed such patience and given me such confidence in myself to learn and understand.

I have enjoyed the challenge, and this would not have been possible without such a structured, patient  and dedicated tutor.

Clare always puts you at ease, does not rush you, and gives you the chance to ask questions and tailors the work to suit your needs and abilities.

Varying the content throughout my 6 months has been a key to success for me.


Thrapston, Northants

January 2019

We are thrilled with E’s GCSE and that is all thanks to your support, thank you so much.

Tracy, Lowick, Northants

October, 2018

Clare is an amazing tutor, who is organised and prepares in advance, thus allowing me to understand things quickly and easily. She not only teaches the French language but also talks about the culture of France. The lessons are so fun and focuses on all aspects required to succeed in my French GCSE where I achieved an A* (grade 8).


Raunds, Northants, 

September 2018

I was hoping to inform you that on my holiday, we (my three sons and I) played football every day. We joined a couple of young lads who spoke no English whatsoever. This made the football session difficult. I tried my luck talking to them in French and their faces lit up.  Your lessons allowed me to communicate with them fairly fluently, but the enormous help you have provided was in my diction and ability to form a sentence without the French lads asking me to repeat everything. We met up every day after that and it was also fun that my sons would ask me to translate what we spoke about and I would occasionally say something like…. “Niles says that you are rubbish at football and that his sister is better!”


Without your lessons I may have known some of the words, but would have struggled to put them together and form the sentence correctly. So you have really improved my confidence and I learned further sayings like “great shot” “good goal”, “what a save!” etc.


Thank you Clare and good luck in the future.


Kind regards,


Northants, September 2018

Hi Clare,

 I got my GCSE results today and thought you would like to know that I managed to get a grade 8 in French. Thank you very much for all your help- it definitely made a very big difference!



Tansor, East Northants

August, 2018

I had been looking for a French tutor in the Northamptonshire area and found Clare on Twitter. She was still a good hour’s drive from my house and after the introductory lesson, I admit to being slightly sceptical as Clare had proposed lessons through video conferencing and I had never felt comfortable talking into my computer. I decided to give it a go and I’m glad I did. After a few video lessons, I was converted. Clare’s lesson format  very well organised and interesting. In the introductory lesson, Clare managed to accurately gauge my level of French and our lessons commenced at the right level and progressed at a comfortable pace. Lessons last 45 minutes which is perfect for maintaining concentration levels. I have up to two lessons a week and they can be from home or from my office with no travelling involved. It is an incredibly convenient method of learning.

It is also worth mentioning that even for a tutor, Clare has an exceptional command of the French language and has tailored my lessons around my specific requirements - business French in relation to construction projects. I would imagine this level of ability to provide such specific tutoring is quite rare. Highly recommended.
Spratton, Northants,
July 2018

Hello Clare, a very big thank you for all of your help in preparation for my recent French trip. I had many conversations which would have been impossible without your guidance. I even managed to get a free coffee in a bean grinding shop but alas no chichis. What was always nice was when half way through a conversation, people would want to know my nationality as it was not so obvious. It made my trip so much more enjoyable. Thanks again.

Hedley, Raunds, May 2018

(Hedley had lessons with me for a few months to prepare for a sponsored bike ride from the South coast of France to the North which he completed, raising lots of money for the diabetes unit at Northampton General Hospital.)

I work with French, Belgian and Swiss colleagues and decided I needed to improve my French to improve conversation with them and understand more in some of the large meetings we have.


Clare has been fantastic in facilitating this.  She is very patient with working through and explaining topics and enabling me to finally move towards proficiency in everyday verbs I need.  I'm able to work at my own pace but be pushed with material and resources, with broad targets before the next lesson.


Clare is very flexible and friendly and I feel I'm improving month by month whilst also enjoying our sessions.

 Dan, Oundle, March 2018

Having visited France most years since the 70s, I decided that it was time I progressed my schoolgirl French.  I researched and found Clare and started lessons with her as a very mature student in September last year.  She’s very clever at making our 45 minutes varied, fun and informative, so much that they flash past.  Patience exudes from her and I am never made to feel inadequate, despite my ageing memory. She follows up with extra links and suggestions, so that you can do as much as you have time for.   I so enjoy my lessons – and unbelievably, my homework too and having read that learning a second language helps delays any dementia in later life, hope that they continue!

Sheila Fairweather,

Denford, Northants, March 2018

It has been a very long time since I have been in a language learning situation and so it was with some trepidation that I started French lessons with Clare Jones. I need not have worried I have found her teaching to be patient, encouraging and varied and there is always an element of fun in the lesson content.

Since starting with very little knowledge of the French language a few months ago I now feel that I have made real progress and my confidence speaking ,reading and writing the language grows weekly.

David Clareboets

Hemington, Northamptonshire, March 2018

We bought a holiday home in France last year and I was keen to build on my ‘school girl French’ to enhance my French experiences. I spent some time looking around for the right personal tutor. There a lot of corporate franchises, offering group and/or individual lessons, but they sounded too corporate and impersonal. Then I found Clare’s website, made contact and haven’t looked back.  I can’t say its easy learning a language, and on a one to one basis means there are no hiding places, but Clare never makes me feel uncomfortable and is very encouraging and patient. Its all about confidence and doing your homework!

Elaine Olson-Williams

Hinxworth, Herts, November 2017

Our weekly Skype lessons with Clare have made all the difference to us as we began a new life in Luxembourg, where French is one of the 3 main spoken languages. She has given us the ability to use French on a daily basis, beginning with simple phrases to make life easier in the beginning. Now 18 months later we are developing the ability to explain and have more in depth conversations at workplace.  She is knowledgeable and has a love of the language, which inspires you to want to know more. She is on hand to answer quick questions and will tailor our lessons if an immediate need for new language occurs. The 45 minutes fly past and I have learnt so much more than I ever did in a classroom at school! 

Gemma and Matthew Williams

Luxembourg, November 2017

We discovered Clare on the internet whilst looking for a French teacher that could specifically work via Skype.


Clare was pleasant form the start and very accommodating, giving very clear advice as to how her teaching methods work.


We have been tutored by Clare now for over six months and we can clearly state that we have learned an enormous amount with her guidance. Clare is structured in her approach to classes but is always capable of changing direction if she feels we can learn from a spontaneous discussion about our French experiences.


It was our hope that we would find someone who could tutor us into a complete understanding of the French language – no small ask – in Clare we feel we have found that, and we look forward to speaking French fluently.


Brian and Jo Simpson,

Aylesford, Kent

July 2017



I should like to recommend Clare & 'figureoutfrench' to anyone wanting to be mentored towards a good grasp of the French language. I had but  few words & little grasp of grammar when I started her classes, but she rapidly 'figured out' how to engage my abilities and enthusiasms. I have, quite painlessly, progressed to being able to follow French films, read French news and appreciate something of the culture, and, it has taken only an hour per week, generally, for less than half a year. I am a mature student, to say the least, and French at school was my worst subject. Now I feel quite confident that when next I visit France, I shall be understood, and that, in a few more months, I shall be able to engage in conversation with Parisiennes, one of my goals. I would add that Clare's book about 'dying less stupid' is amusing and an interesting insight. In my view, anyone of any age or ability, could learn French under Clare's empathetic tutelage. Thank you.

John Cartwright,

Twywell, March 2017


My husband and I have been having French lessons with Clare for nine weeks. It was our hope that our very rudimentary French learnt at school would be much improved so that we could have conversations and understand spoken French when we travel to France or Quebec City where our son and grand daughter live and where French is the main spoken language. We have found Clare to be very friendly, patient and efficient and we have learnt much in that time. We visit Clare every week at her home to practise speaking and listening and we have been working through a French book with cds that she has recommended to help us. Links to French language websites and work sheets suggested by Clare have also supported our learning. We would certainly recommend Clare for French tuition, she is very experienced and helps us feel confident in speaking French even when we are little unsure and we feel that our French has really improved because of her encouragement. We look forward to continuing to learn with her.

Hilary Hamilton,

Wollaston, February 2017

Clare Jones is an excellent teacher, and in a few short months has helped me dramatically improve my spoken French. She is always well prepared for our lessons, has a very good approach, and makes me feel relaxed and so able to learn. Having a regular tutor really helps keep me motivated too, especially as Clare is a great teacher. I live close to her, but we do our lessons via Skype, which works really well. I would recommend Clare to anyone who wants to build up their confidence in French.


Paul Jackson, Northampton, September 2016

I have found all of our lessons both immensely enjoyable and rewarding in equal measure, and shall certainly recommend you wherever possible.

Andrew Hunt

Clopton, Northants, September, 2016

Hi Clare


I hope you are keeping well and enjoying life in Oundle.  Milly asked me to let you know that she got an A* in French, the first time anyone from set 3 has ever done this.


Thank you so much for all the help you provided, I'm sure you've made the difference of at least 2 grades!


very best wishes



Lowick, Kettering, August, 2016

You are a fantastic tutor Clare.  The girls think you are lovely and most of all they enjoy coming to you.  I never have to bribe or cajole them into going to their French.  You inspire and you have a very good method of getting your points across.  I am so glad we found you.


Hargrave, June 2016

My lessons with Clare were very well organised and stress free. I had French lessons at school and wanted to improve upon what I had learnt, I felt that I could learn at my own pace with no pressure to move on to a new topic without understanding the previous lessons. Clare's knowledge about the French language and culture was invaluable and allowed me to ask her a range of questions about the French way of life. It wasn't long before I had recollected the vocabulary I had learnt from school and with Clare's teaching I was quickly learning and more importantly remembering new vocabulary.
Charlie Woodford, Finedon, February, 2016

I took lessons with Clare in preparation to live and work with a French family for 6 weeks. In the lead up to my trip (and after), Clare's teaching was expertly and very thoughtfully tailored to my specific needs and blended language learning with cultural advice. From the moment that I arrived in France, I heard and saw many things exactly as they had been described and taught and immediately felt more confident, knowing that I really had been armed with some very reliable 'insider knowledge'! By the end of my trip, I couldn't believe how far my confidence and ability had come and this was primarily thanks to the excellent starting point that the lessons had provided. 
Jessica Woodford, Higham Ferrers, November, 2015

Clare is really helping my daughter improve her results in the run up to her French GCSE.  She has taken time to understand where the potential weaknesses are and researched appropriate tests papers and exercises which have really improved my daughter's confidence and ability.  I would thoroughly recommend her.
Phoebe Edwards, Lowick, Kettering, November, 2015

I got a D grade in my mock GCSE French exam but after twice-weekly lessons with Clare, I managed to turn this into a grade A. I was over the moon with this result and would highly recommend Clare as a tutor.

Emily Wright, Hargrave, September 2015.

This isn't really a testimonial but Karen recently came back from a holiday in France and wrote this lovely piece about her trip in French using much of the language we have been studying together. I have made a few corrections but not many.

Bonsoir Clare

Nous avons passé de bonnes vacances en France et nous sommes arrivés à la maison samedi nuit.  Notre séjour  au Château Fort Sedan était intéressant et le lit dans notre chambre était  très,  très confortable.  Je voulais le ramener à la maison!

Nous avons traversé la campagne sur les routes  sinueuses et nous avons regardé beaucoup  de beaux villages.  Le soleil brillait  tous les jours avec les températures très chaudes – 33 à 38  degrés!

Nous avons visité Troyes et nous avons vu beaucoup de vieux bâtiments.  Nous avons visité aussi Reims pour visiter la cathédrale.  C’est  très grand et majestueux.

J’espère que vous  avez passé de bonnes vacances aussi.

À jeudi!


Karen Beasley,

Daventry, Northants, September, 2015

I was very lucky to find Clare's details online and having several months of lessons under my belt now, I've been impressed with the depth of Clare's knowledge and her ability to tailor the classes to my needs and learning style. Having one-to-one classes every week has really worked for me by being able to ask questions on the smallest details without holding up the rest of the class and Clare is always happy to explore the tangents that my questions inevitably bring. If you are thinking about taking classes but are a little apprehensive, then I can't recommend Clare enough for giving you the confidence to tackle the language and challenge you enough to progress at a pace that may surprise you.
Dan Orchard
Thrapston, July, 2015

We are both so enjoying learning French with Clare.

Our daughter lives in France with her French partner, so it's important for us to learn conversational French. We tried Adult Ed classes, which,as a complete beginner, left me feeling swamped and lacking in confidence.

Being taught as a couple means that Clare can tailor the course to our needs.Clare copes well with our different abilities and we both feel we are learning a great deal. It has become quite a highlight of our week and my confidence has massively improved!! A recommendation in itself! 

Eddie and Alan Butterworth

Oundle, March, 2015

I started to study french at evening classes many years ago to use in my work. I wish Clare was available then, I'm sure I would have been more competant communicating with french companies. More or less all conversations were in pidgin french and franglais. Thanks to Clare I can now use a combination of different tenses and a range of vocab. I am resigned to the fact that at my advanced age I am never going to become fluent. For me it is a question of use it or lose it and living in France is not really a "use it" option so thank you Clare for your continuing help, ecouragement and patience.
Rainford, Merseyside, February, 2015

And here is Dave's testimonial in French which Clare has added a few corrections to:
J’ai commencé à étudier le français dans des cours du soir il y a beaucoup d’années, pour mon travail. J’aurais aimé que Clare ait été disponible à ce moment-là, Je suis certain que j’aurais été plus compétent avec mes homologues en France. Mes conversations étaient en français basique ou en franglais. Grâce à Clare je peux ­combiner des temps différents et j’ai du vocabulaire. Maintenant je me suis résigné au fait que je ne parlerai jamais couramment le français. Pour moi il s’agit de « use it or lose it » et habiter en France n’est pas vraiment une option « use it ». Donc merci beaucoup, Clare, pour vos encouragements et votre patience.


We last studied French at school some 40 years ago, and both of us have forgotten all but the very basics (and as has been shown, we'd forgotten some of that as well!). But having taken a few holidays in France in recent years, we decided we would like to renew our acquaintance with the language, in the hope that our initial conversations with the locals would not begin by asking "Parlez vous Anglais?".

We decided to seek out some local lessons in the form of college evening classes etc, but nothing on offer appeared suitable. A Google search came up with a few possibilities, including Clare's website. We contacted her and were delighted to see that she could provide lessons via Skype. After initial contact it was clear that she was "just what the doctor ordered"!

We have now been having weekly sessions for about six months and we both feel that we are making progress. Clare has shown herself to be very patient and always appears able to pitch her lessons at just the right level regardless of how well (or how badly!) we are doing. In addition to her obvious technical ability with the language, she also has provided excellent guidance to French culture and customs.

We both look forward to our next lessons, and to the Summer when we expect to be trying out our new-found skills!

We would not hesitate to recommend Clare to anyone seeking to learn French.

Karen & Roy Beasley
Daventry, Northants, February 2015.

Hi Claire, 
Kirsty got her AS results today and she wanted me to let you know that she got an A in french,     so thank you very much for all your help and patience with her.
She also got A's in maths, biology and chemistry, we are so very proud of her.
Thanks again, 
Teresa Teahan
Higham Ferrers, August, 2014

Dear Clare,
Thank you for teaching me over the last two years. I enjoyed our lessons very much. At times they were the highlight of my week. You helped me lots with my French and without you I'm sure my grades would not be as good. I will let you know my results when I get them. Please continue to stay in contact and send me useful and current French links.
Thank you again,
H. Igo, Wellingborough, July, 2014
AS/A2 French support

I love France, speaking the language would be a real advantage. In the past I have tried evening classes, but found I did not enjoy this kind of learning. I have been taking lessons with Clare for around four months and I am enjoying the experience. Clare tailors the learning to my needs and I feel that I am learning at a pace that is good for me. La vie est une aventure. I'm looking forward to my next visit to France. 
Ray Martin
Lutton, Peterborough, May, 2014

After studying French O'level almost 50 years ago it has been a real source of irritation not to be able to speak anything other than the odd word when holidaying in France. There has always been lots of knowledge locked away somewhere in the old grey matter but until now it has been totally inaccessible in any useful way. After less than a dozen lessons with Clare that has changed. I now feel I have the wherewithal and confidence to " get stuck into a conversation with someone in french".  I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and can't wait for my next holiday in France.

Brian Arnold,

Northampton, May, 2014

Dear Clare,

 I wanted to tell you that I spoke in French most of the time I was in Lille.  I asked for directions and understood the answers! sorted out my car hire, checked in the hotel and asked for food and drink all in French.  My Auntie was very impressed and thought I was fluent.  I guess to someone who hardly knows any words in French I might have sounded like that but I held my own and I’m pleased about that.

 The cemetery in Morchies was well tended by the war graves commission, but it was so sad to see that on the day Grandad died 27th September 1914, there were 9 young men from his regiment who also died that day, probably in the same battle.  And 2 days before that 4 died and 2 days prior to that another 2 died.  All his mates wiped out.  18 and 19 years old only.  Very tragic.  And elsewhere in the cemetery you could spot dates where huge numbers of people died on the same day from the same regiments.  We planted poppies and left a vase of lilies.  I’m glad I went.

 Thank you for teaching me.  My knowledge is OK my vocabulary larger than I realised (it’s amazing how you can drag things from the back of your mind when you have to), but my pronunciation let me down.  With your help I was able to pronounce things correctly and it helped me be better understood.

 Kind regards,

 Angela Parker

Meers Ashby, March, 2014

I can thoroughly recommend tuition with Clare – just wish I had found her years ago! Although able to speak French well enough to hold a conversation, I wanted to feel more confident and improve my grammar. Clare makes learning fun and interesting, but keeps me on my toes. Since having weekly one-to-one sessions with her French friends have commented on the improvement in my conversational skills. Thanks Clare.

Jane Clemence       

Raunds, March, 2014

I am delighted to be able to learn French via Skype with Clare. 
The one-to-one lessons are far better than anything  a group class could possibly offer because the level of tuition is personalised and therefore pitched at the right level for the individual.
Whilst I learnt French as a schoolgirl, I never had cause to use it until some 40 odd years later when I (together with my husband) made friends with a French couple we met on holiday. I find it very rewarding to be able to speak to them in their own language.
Clare is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and very patient but above all makes learning an absolute pleasure.
Judi Carr
Northampton, March, 2014

Alastair was really pleased with the result as were we, first time he has had a B in French! I think it has given him the incentive and push he needed.Thank you Clare and we will see you next Wednesday.
K. Low, 
Raunds, February, 2014 (referring to G.C.S.E. French oral)

I have been having lessons with Clare for a few weeks now. Having recently moved to France I find our Skype lessons very convenient as I am still settling down here, but can have lessons from the comfort of my home without having to drive anywhere. I love the fact that Clare tailors our lessons towards everyday scenarios that do actually crop up in my life now. Our lessons have given me the confidence to hold conversations with people knowing that they understand what I am saying, whereas before I would only stick to basic French. Thank you Clare, your help has been invaluable.  
Chenesai Mujati
Paris region, October, 2013

Bonjour Clare,
I just thought I would drop you a line to express my appreciation for
your excellent patience in me learning the French language.
Whilst on holiday in France we meet a French couple which
encouraged me to learn the language.As you know my school
days are long gone and your knowledge is very welcome indeed.
Our SKYPE system works extremely well together with pronunciation
and recordings.
However distance is not a problem as their is no travelling time or
cost involved.I even SKYPE our friends in France every two weeks to
become familiar with the language.
Kind Regards,
Derek Carr, Northampton, October, 2013

Thanks for helping Jess, she got an ‘A’ in her speaking (from an E last time!) – they even gave her name out in assembly for progress.
 Lynn Harris,
Ringstead, May, 2013

For me as a beginner Clare has been a great teacher. I've enjoyed the convenience of learning online using Skype. The lessons have gone very well and within a few weeks my French has improved dramatically all from the comfort of my own home. She's been very patient with me and the lessons have been both productive and enjoyable. She's a fantastic teacher. I strongly recommend her.

Brian Mujati,
Northampton Saints Rugby Club, April, 2013, transferring to Racing Metro 92, Paris, in June, 2013.

Hi Clare,
Rebecca has had her last French assessment marked and said her teacher has told her she has got a B although it needs to be moderated. Mrs R was really pleased with her and said it was much better than her first attempt.
Jayne Giles,
Ringstead, February, 2013

Clare is a good teacher and I am indebted to her for the progress I have made over the last 3 years. She tailors her teaching to the needs of every student and makes learning a joy. Merci! 
Peter Browning 
Rushden, February, 2013

Clare is enthusiastic about all things French and is particularly keen on French idioms.  She uses a wide variety of course material, making her lessons lively and fun.
Caroline Stratford
Raunds, February, 2013

I have been having lessons with Clare once a week for nearly a year now, the 45 minutes go so quickly and I can surprise myself with the French I can now speak especially as I am / was a beginner!  She makes the lessons interesting and is extremely patient, I would highly recommend.
Lorraine Scanes
Higham Ferrers, February, 2013

Clare makes learning French enjoyable whilst at the same time instilling a confidence to progress remarkably quickly. We thoroughly enjoy our lessons with Clare and would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn the language.
Mariane and Matt Phillips
Ringstead, February, 2013

Hannah says thank you for her lesson she got a score of 30 out of 30 best in year.
John Carress, Raunds, February, 2013

Clare is a very patient and understanding teacher who instantly makes you feel relaxed and welcome.  I have always feared and avoided the subjunctive but Clare explained it slowly and simply and I soon found it easy to understand.
Chrissie Hewson,
Irthlingborough, September, 2012

Having tried group lessons with friends, I opted for one on one lessons with Clare.

An hour spent with Clare is probably worth 5 Hours in a group and therefore good value. 

Clare has a friendly but confident approach to teaching and I delighted to now be making progress with the language. 

Clare's teaching approach would suit the newcomer, intermediate or confident French language student.


I have recommended Clare to Friends and Colleagues without  hesitation.

John Carress

Raunds, June, 2012

So we had his great idea to buy a house in Northern France but didn't speak French.  A friend referred us to Clare and in the first lesson she had us using talking in French.  Now a couple of month's on we are able to conduct basic conversations whilst in France with some confidence.  Clare makes learning fun and nothing like being at school, working at our pace.  We would strongly recommend anyone try her.
Rob Weall
Poddington, June, 2012

Re year 2 course in Rushden Community College

Excellent course, excellent teacher. I feel more confident using French and better equipped to learn more.

David East

Wellingborough, November, 2011

I was very anxious about this course, but found the tutoring sensitive and appropriate, with a caring, sensitive teacher. I have begun to relax and am able to structure simple conversation. Thank you.

Geofff Dean

Great Doddington, November, 2011

Fantastic teacher- Clare is such good fun and I feel confident that I'm doing really well with my studies.

Clare, Yes of course, please do use my words.  Regarding your colleague who spoke to us on Wednesday - I can't tell you how pleased I was that each of my student colleagues felt the same genuine admiration, respect and affection for you as a truly brill tutor. A couple of them had obviously not had such happy experiences in their previous classes.  
I've told loads of people where I work, about you.  Unfortunately none of them come from around here and even fewer are trying to rekindle their school-day French, but hey, they may know someone who does. 

Hazel Wade,

Rushden, November, 2011

Hi Clare

We just got home from holiday today and received Sophie’s results. We were delighted with her B in French. The extra tuition certainly helped her to achieve this – thank you for your hard work with her! Sophie would not have achieved her B without your support.

Best wishes,

Sarah Stopps, Chelveston, August, 2011


Hi Clare,

 I am just writing to say I recieved my GCSE French result today. I got a B, a whole grade higher that what I was predicted at Christmas last year.

 Thank you so much for the help you gave me during the lessons. I couldn't have done it without you.

 Thank you again,

Rebecca Lee, Thrapston, August, 2011
Clare has helped me considerably to improve both my speaking and writing skills in French.  I feel much more confident as a result of her efforts.  Her lessons are well structured but she allows a degree of flexibility in willingly discussing some of the issues current in France.  In essence, she successfully adapts her approach to meet the needs of the individual student.
Richard Miller, Brampton

Hello Clare

 I thought it was about time I thanked you for the help you have given me so far with my weekly French lessons.

It is amazing to me what I have learnt in the 45minute lessons, which I can't believe I only started last May.

As a mature student what I do really thank you for is your patience when I haven't grasped something and how you don't mind going over things again and again.

My holiday in France this September was so much more enjoyable having been able to ask a few questions in French and also respond to questions directed at me.


Jo Wookey, Higham Ferrers


Recently, to improve my knowledge and abilities I have undertaken two courses of French tutored by Clare Jones. She is knowledgeable, approachable and has a varied and adaptable style of teaching that stimulates and sustains interest; and this without making the student feel under any undue pressure. Certainly my understanding of the French language, ability to find the correct words, and confidence to speak in French is much improved. She comes highly recommended not only for beginners, but those wishing to build on basic skills (that's me) and those who are at a more advanced level.

Richard Vert, Rushden



Clare gives ......   Professional tutoring /  Wide Range of subjects covered /   Great fun in the classes.

Christine Rushton, Sharnbrook



At a fairly ripe age, never had a reason to study French before but with a husband who has studied for several years (at a not so ripe age…), Clare has been our private tutor fore some time now.


Having two so different students in the same class never seems to faze Clare and she effortlessly switches between the traditional teaching format and custom made lessons, depending on the needs at the moment and what we request. This has been anything from role playing phoning up a stone mason to get quotes to fix a wall, to discussing the electoral results and reading poetry.


We always have a good laugh together but at the same time both of us have progressed no end under Clare’s tutelage.


I can warmly recommend Clare to anybody, regardless if they want to learn French from scratch, or wants to hone their conversational skills or anything in between.


Did I mention she’s got the patience of a saint?

Stephanie Dyson Heidrich, Keyston


Re. Year 1 French at Rushden Community College

Very enjoyable course with high quality teaching. Materials prepared all good quality. Clare kept us all motivated throughout. Will continue next course.

Steve Elliott, Rushden